About Us

Red Team Solutions is a multi-faceted global strategy and program development consultancy. We are a diversified, multi-skilled collective of well-seasoned and industry recognised executive level professionals whose pooled proficiency spans every corner of the commercial, corporate, private, UN, Defence and Government Services sectors.

Our Services

We are a network of talented consultants who are able to work as individual Subject Matter Experts (SME), as a self managed (and deployable) team, acting as a stakeholder representative, or as an implanted resource within our client’s organisation. Our services are aimed at achieving performance improvement by developing resource efficient solutions that meld people, processes and technology to deliver insightful and innovative outcomes.

Connect with Us

Can we help? … To discuss how our team can work collaboratively with your organization to achieve genuine results please head to our contact us page and let us know how we can help.   
Are you interested in joining in a collaborative Partnership or as a valued Consulting Resource?  Given the broad range of industries and clients we work with, we are always looking for talented and passionate consultants to join our seasoned collective. If you have an analytical mindset with diverse perspectives to problem solving and would like to be considered as a consulting resource, head to our contact us page and let us know.  

Need a Consultant?

Red Team Solutions is a multi-faceted strategy and program development consultancy. We offer a global reach with local knowledge experience to deliver bespoke, practical solutions through collaborative stakeholder engagement.